Employee Motivation: Meet Three Basic Needs

Employee Motivation: Meet Three Basic Needs

As a manager, you have a better chance of improving employee motivation if you keep in mind the three basic needs of employees. These, incidentally, are motivators for managers as well. The three basic needs can be summarized as follows: tell me what you expect of me give me the resources to do my job let […]

Leadership is Sexy, Management is for Drones

I don’t agree with this statement at all.  However, if you were to read published management articles and newspapers you could come to the same conclusion. Also you need only look at the amount of money that organizations have spent on leadership development compared to management development over the past five years and you could […]

Manage Stress: Walk on the Bright Side

Walking has profound physical and psychological benefits. You don’t have to look far to see a list of the physical benefits of walking. Various researchers and writers suggest that these benefits include strengthening of your bones, muscles and heart.  There are clear benefits in terms of weight loss. Walking stimulates your body’s systems …