Managers are much like small business owners (and in some cases one and the same person). They are action focused, want results, and are usually very busy. It’s also a lonely job, as you are often caught in the middle between the employees and your boss.

Most of the so called “management literature” has been written by academics and consultants who have never managed. It is often too theoretical, too long and too full of the latest jargon.

Our Mission: Practical Tips for Managers

Here at Employment & Management, experienced managers and management experts help practicing managers develop their skills in many actual scenarios, such as

  • change management
  • staff selection
  • performance management
  • employee motivation
  • culture change
  • personal branding
  • job design
  • stress management

Employment & Management Job Listings

We also run a comprehensive executive job board featuring international job opportunities for management, supervisor and other leadership positions. Employers may be interested to know that we accept job postings at very competitive rates. Your job listings will be fed to the entire network of SimplyHired job boards and will appear on all associated publishers’ job boards.

Contribute to Employment & Management

Would you like to contribute articles on Employment & Management to build authority in your field of expertise? We are now accepting high quality submissions that are uniquely written for and have not been previously published in other locations on the web. Remember, we are all about practical advise for managers, written by experienced experts, and not theoretical textbook literature. Please use our contact form to get in touch if you are interested in this opportunity.